The Gift of a Compliment

Sprinkled With Inspiration

I admit it, I am not good at complementing people. I’m not proud of it, but I really never gave it much thought until the other day. God had something to show me.

That day I was desperate. I mean my heart was aching for a compliment, encouragement…someone to say “Deb, you’re doing ok” kind of thing. I was having a bad day, ok a bad week, and it was wearing me down. So, what does a girl do when she’s desperate? Many things I guess; my go to solution is a pity party. Ya know, the ones that go like this: “No one cares, no one thinks of me, all I do is give, give and give! No one says Thank you…!” yadda, yadda…you get the idea! I love me some parties, but this this kind is not so healthy.

My heart still was not feeling any better after…

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